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Originating from the pulsing heart of San Francisco and now rooted in Boise, Marshall Watson Music is an elite, award-winning post-production haven. Shane Watson, our founder, with over a decade in sound design mastery and an illustrious career as an electronic musician, presents a symphony of experience. Our partnerships with industry giants, including the likes of Apple, Google, and HBO, mirror our commitment to sonic perfection. We’ve adapted to the ever-evolving needs of modern projects with seamless remote workflows. Let us transform your vision into an auditory masterpiece.  Engage with us, and let's orchestrate sonic brilliance.


Popeyes "Sweet n Spicy"

Swell/Flawless Post

Do Your Own Research

RSE/Corduroy Media


Idaho Power "Good Energy"

NXNW Boise

Nutanix Brand Film

Corduroy Media


RSE/Corduroy Media

Ethos "Trust"


Illumio "Wrap Rage"

First Person

Nike Zersenay "Training" 

Coyote Post/Swell

Cesar "Peas Please"


United Healthcare Sonic Rebrand


Music Placement

Boise, ID